What you’re saying about New Matilda

Last week we received more birthday wishes:

Congrats on your first birthday. Great issue – not so sure about that poll though?? Everyone knows Christ would return as Shane Warne. (Ian)

Direct action

We posted a suggestion from Dennis Smith about NM having a sample email to government ministers, CEOs etc. each week, which could be modified through feedback, then sent out by each subscriber. ‘Imagine the impact if an email arrived in the towers of power with 3,000 signatories. Surely such an email couldn’t be ignored!’

The only response we got to this was from Dennis:

‘Is New Matilda receptive to the idea of instigating some form of direct action (to put a bit of sting in its tail) or not? A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would take us mushrooms out of the dark where we are being kept!
If ‘yes’, a few suggestions as to what kind of direct action would be preferred could prove helpful to further discussion.’

By putting your suggestion in the feedback section, Dennis, we were hoping others would comment. Perhaps we didn’t draw enough attention to it, so we’re putting it up again. What do others think? Is this a goer? What other ideas have you got?

War on Terror

Once again, John Hooker’s article generated the most comments:

John, There is hope as in the Oz paper today for the first time since the Iraq was mooted there is a biting critique by Paul Kelly, no less, against the wisdom of the war. If the Murdoch apparatchiks have turned who knows where it might end. (Vicky)

‘This government has never been into the inclusion of minorities – far from it, they are there to be exploited for gain.’ (David)

‘Vicki, Paul Kelly’s article is encouraging but it shows the absurdity of our media that the obvious is suddenly acknowledged – Iraq has been a complete disaster.’ (Ian)

‘These past couple of weeks have been excruciating for the way in which the federal government has returned to the assimilation policies of the past and patronised the Muslim community in the most overbearing manner.’ (Willy)

‘Karl Rove was in Australia in the early 1990’s, I think, teaching Liberals how to win elections by very dubious means. To use division and religion as a means to an end, so we had to have a focus to ‘hate’, to dehumanize, and Muslims were just waiting to be dehumaized.’ (Darryl)

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