What our readers are saying about New Matilda.

‘Thanks for a huge contribution to debate in Australia. One correlation I’d like to see is the numbers of South Aussies who read NM and the Independent Weekly, our new quality broadsheet. It’s the best thing that’s happened to media here since NM and the two together make a healthy contribution to democracy and rational debate. I’ve particularly enjoyed some of the comments on recent NM articles, Don Watson’s being a stand-out. Very best wishes for your second year of publication.’ Raelene Telfer, 12 July 2005

‘… I see much of what NM publishes as being relevant, to a greater or lesser extent, to contemporary Australia, and I find myself very much better informed from reading articles. I shall certainly renew my subscription.’ Andrew Kinna, 11 July

‘… New Matilda and Webdiary are two very different sites. One is successful. One is struggling! This issue of New Matilda is following a trend, that of appearing to want to copy the ‘lovey’ blandness of the Womens Weekly. It has no hard edge. It is not topical (the rigid Wednesday only format does not allow the magazine to cover breaking news like the London bombings). It has too many articles that are esoteric, trivial or not relevant to Australia at all … I guess if the management/editorial staff/contributors of New Matilda included a few people who understood journalism, mass communication, and online publishing, the magazine might stand a chance. Currently, New Matilda is becoming a sad joke. Its claim that it will change Australia is false advertising! Unless things improve dramatically, I for one will not renew my subscription.’ Dennis Smith, 10 July

‘I find NM a pleasant change from the hurley-burley of Web Diary. I enjoy the less adversarial style and the attempt to look at policy development adversarial contributions and rude assertions don’t contribute to the substance of the debate about policy development which I hope will be the strength of NM…’ Terry Murphy, 6 July

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Launched in 2004, New Matilda is one of Australia's oldest online independent publications. It's focus is on investigative journalism and analysis, with occasional smart arsery thrown in for reasons of sanity. New Matilda is owned and edited by Walkley Award and Human Rights Award winning journalist Chris Graham.