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The Feedback discussion on New Matilda from last week was getting somewhere really interesting so we’re letting it run another week or so.

Comment guidelines

New Matilda has got to the stage where we probably need comment guidelines. Help us write them, please. In the meantime, note that any material which is defamatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy or violating any law will be removed.

Some great debates have broken out over the weeks. If you haven’t seen them, check out the policy article by Hugh Mackay ‘Australia and the World: The Australian Paradox ‘, Don Watson’s editorial , ‘Josef Goebbels’ marketing strategies ‘ by Ailsa Burns and James Michie’s article on Chavez, ‘The gravest threat of a good example.’

Some subscribers are still having problems with the comments functions. This is driving us crazy too. Timing out has been now extended so you have two hours. It is still safer to write a long comment in Word and cut and paste (right click on the mouse to paste into the comments box). Some comments don’t go up until 2am so yours may still be there. The webmaster is not on staff but he’s been alerted. Please keep telling us when things go wrong – we can’t know if you don’t.

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