The Speech the President Should Give by John F. Kerry, The New York Times link here

Karl Rove Is a Liar by Joe Conason, Truthout link here

10 Commandments Judge Warns of ‘Judicial Tyranny’, The Houston Chronicle link here

RACISM REBOOTED Forty years after the fact, Edgar Killen is finally convicted of manslaughter in the killings of three civil rights workers. But the system that produced him remains alive and well. Gary Younge, The Nation link here

Terror Policies Draw Outrage at Home and Abroad by by Haider Rizvi, Comon Dreams link here

Bush & Bolton: The Bully Twins, Marjorie Cohn, Truthout link here

BUSH’S EMPATHY SHORTAGE ‘Why do families with the shakiest grip on the American dream support the Bush equivalent of taking bread from the poor and giving it to the rich?’ Arlie Hochschild, The American Prospect and Tomdispatch link here

Europe in the Mirror of the United States, Nicolas Barre, Truthout link here

Aid to Africa
Bush Exaggerates Increase in U.S. Aid to Africa by Jim Lobe, Common Dreams link here

Where Is the UN? Can It Prevent Monetizing Mercy? By Kathy Kelly, Common Dreams link here

Iranian Revolution Is Thriving in Iraq by Robert Scheer, Common Dreams link here

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China’s Costly Quest for Energy Control by Joseph Kahn, New York Times link here

A WORLD OF ECONOMIC DO-GOODERS A global movement has rejected the Enron business model in favor of an entrepreneurial spirit that is changing the planet. Matthew Wheeland, AlterNet link here

WOMEN LEAD THE PROGRESSIVE CHARGE Emily’s List has some advice for Democrats looking for future electoral successes: embrace the fact that family is at the center of women’s values. Tamara Straus, AlterNet link here

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