What our readers are saying about New Matilda.

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In response to the ANOP survey John MacKean wrote on 10 June:

Together with the Healthcare Reform Alliance, New Matilda is much the most important national forum for reform of our health system. This task is the single most serious domestic issue facing Australia, because the problems are concatenating at a frightening rate. New Matilda is also becoming the most authoritative voice of progressive politics in Australia. Notwithstanding its ALP traditions, New Matilda can aggregate constructive philosophical positions which owe as much to reality as to morality and equity. NM subscribers have a responsibility to spread awareness of its output throughout their own networks because there is as yet no other developing force with the same intellectual potential.

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And we received this from John Wilson on 16 June:

Matilda is what happens when you get a bunch of bureaucrats and no-hopper academics to write news. For Gawd’s sakes, leave the job to journalist, the professionals: not cheaper-than-chips hacks dragged out of an alley dustbin.

Get some stories, not theories and bullshit!

Chris Gilbert’s article in last week’s issue also promted this comment from Brian Phillips:

I notice that Chris Gilbert has another article in New Matilda on evangelicals in the US and a return to a more rigorous theology and awareness of responsibility for the ‘welfare of the city’. It is very encouraging to see this kind of journalism [ie on religious matters – with some depth]in New Matilda.

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