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I also note that the flavour of the magazine – while not exclusively left oriented – appears to emphasise the current absence of a viable Opposition at the Federal level. I believe that we are facing at the next election the potential demise of the Australian Democrats (it taking two elections to do this given the six year cycle nature of the Senate). Given that the Democrats have been largely the repository of the disaffected right as much as the disaffected left and that while the disaffected left have the Greens as a viable party for voicing their concerns, the demise of the Democrats will give the disaffected right no-where to go – nor provide some semblance of reason to the excesses of a Coalition Govt which has control of the Senate as well as the lower House. Is there any thought to asking someone to write something on this and whether there is any way the Democrats can revive themselves before the next election so as to remain an option for the disaffected right? Professor John Warhurst might be someone who is both familiar with the Democrats and independent who could offer something of worth on the subject – along the lines of ‘The Possible Impact of losing the ADs to Federal Politics’

Russell Trebilcock
Friday 10 June 2005

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