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The not so noble lie

Bush Told Blair Invasion was “Inevitable”

Mark Danner: Secret Way to War

Marjorie Cohn: Navy Judge Finds War Protest Reasonable

Iraqi Civil War: Has It Already Started?
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Child Labor Growing Problem in Iraq

Anti-American Protests Spread through Islamic World

Paul Krugman: Staying What Course?

Marilyn Berlin Snell: Dangerous Liaisons

The Children of El Salvador’s Rape

Oil Nationalism


David Bacon: Democracy, but More

Paul Loeb: Nuking Democracy

New York Times – Bolton: Plenty of Harm, Lots of Fouls

J. Sri Raman | Where Proliferation is Non-Proliferation


Dilip Hiro: The Iranian Nuclear Issue in a Global Context
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US Congress
New York Times: The Roads Are Paved with Pork

Paul Krugman: Always Low Wages. Always.

“In his first public address since leaving PBS six months ago, journalist Bill Moyers responds to charges by Kenneth Tomlinson – the chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting – of liberal bias and revelations that Tomlinson hired a consultant to monitor the political content of Moyers’ PBS show “Now.”

Chavez Builds Non-US Alternative TV for Latin America

Juan Cole – Guantanamo Controversies: The Bible and the Koran


Mark Steyn on the bureacratic response to a catastrophic event: “Five hundred containers, representing one-quarter of all aid sent to Sri Lanka since the tsunami hit on Dec. 26, are still sitting on the dock in Colombo, unclaimed or unprocessed. At the Indonesian port of Medan, 1,500 containers of aid are still sitting on the dock …”

“Australians too generous, tsunami charity says I wonder how many Australian charities would act this ethically, World Vision raised a LOT of tsunami money maybe its time for them to give us a progress report: Medical aid agency Medecins Sans Frontiers has offered to return thousands… More

Tortures Dirty Secret: It works
Naomi Klein, The Nation

At least 12.3 million people are trapped in forced labour around the world, the International Labour Office (ILO) said in a new study released today. ILO Director-General Juan Somavia called forced labour “a social evil which has no place in the modern world”. Der Spiegel

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