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We get the occasional hate mail and Mary Cunningham this week sent this:

“I really can’t wait for the war that is coming. It will totally wipe out the kind of people who make up the New Matilda…yet couldn’t tell you the words to the original one as they were all to busy at Greek/Italian/Lebanese School instead of learning about the culture of their new country.

“Global Village Advocates”…..”Multiculturalists” who sprout crap about sharing this country while doing nothing about the Robert Mugabe’s of this world. The black races who demand entry into white countries after kicking the whites out of theirs. Britains motorways have been turned into carparks by these same people. Osama bin Laden will be our excuse to completely eliminate Multiculturalism right around the world.

Your subscribers (mostly ethnic I would bet) all sit back and watch Indonesia kill over one hundred INNOCENT Australians then demand we send millions of dollars in aide to this Islamic scum. Sit back and watch Iraqi Islamic extremists behead American soldiers (only the white ones) on National Television, then support the whinging little pricks because an American soldier dared to place a paper bag over one of their heads. Once we have reverted back to Monoculturalism scum like this will die. There will be no ethnic scum left in this country to support them.

Regugee Advocates will die for their insistence that white Australians give up their jobs and housing to the rest of the world who incidently aren’t starving, they just want to make a million dollars by stealing from our charity bins and selling it at their local markets…The Indian? Pakistani doctors who fall over themselves to piss off and leave their poor countrymen to die while they make a shitload of money working in this country…and killing white australians to boot because it turns out that in their haste to make a shitload of money in this country they forgot to train as doctors in the first place. If one more Indian or Pakistani who works for Centrelink tells my friend that she doesn’t deserve her public housing because her eldest son managed to get himself a TRAINEESHIP for $5.00 per hour then the war will start at my local Centrelink Office. No wonder they demand we let in refugees. I bet she had my friends house all lined up for a refugee. Surrey Hills has’nt changed much…still full of cockroaches……and a pox on Al Grasby…”

Peter & Penny Abbington-Blanch (Thursday, May 12 2005) ask, ‘How do you reply to Mary Cunningham?’

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