The Big Day


On election eve, with almost 20% of the electorate unsure which way they will vote, it’s going to be close. The Polls, which have error margins of 2%, show that it’s impossible to separate the two major parties.

Centerbet has the Coalition as favourites. Australians have changed government five times since the Second World War and each time the challengers have taken power with a clear majority; the betting money is following the maxim that Governments loose elections rather than that they are won by the challengers.

Still, while it is trailing by the barest of margins, no one is prepared to write-off the Labor Party.

Exciting and close elections are memorable events and New Matilda would like to hear from you about your experiences on October 9.

You may be voting at Australia House in London or turning up at a ballot box in outback NSW. Wherever it is that you cast your vote, your experience of the day is going to be of interest to New Matilda readers.

So have a look around on the day and send us your thoughts by 6pm Tuesday 12 October for publication.

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