Deeper analysis of schools' policy


There are major difference in the policies on school education of Labor and the Coalition in the current federal election campaign. There has been a considerable amount of commentary since their release and there is little to be gained in providing more of a kind that simply describes the differences, refers to possible benefits and harms, and names the winners and losers. What follows are some comments that place the policies in the context of developments in Australia in recent decades and in what prevails in comparable nations at this time …

Pharmaceutical Benefits Schemes

Graduate Certificate in Health Policy

Infant Mortality

Mental health in Australia

Mental health in Australia

Tobacco in China

Attempts by the Commonwealth to take-over public hospitals from the States

Voter attitudes to health at election time

Demand for hospital treatment in Australia

IVF in Australia

Lifting birthweights

Wealth and Health

Medical Technology

Hearing impairment

Dental health care

Private health insurance

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