Election message from anti-Howard campaign


The October 2-3 weekend – a week before the federal elections – Australians will have an opportunity to vote with their feet and join in rallies across the country to ensure John Howard is booted out.

As the first of the ‘coalition of the willing’ countries to have its national elections, we have a special responsibility to send a clear message to the world – John Howard doesn’t speak for us. In Spain, where the anti-war majority out a conservative pro-war government. We
want to do the same here.

The August statement by the 43 former service chiefs and diplomats accusing the PM of lying about the reasons for Australia going to war on Iraq have spurred doctors and others to do the same. Their statements underline what most Australians already know. This government took Australia to war on a lie. It has vilified and
incarcerated asylum seekers on the basis of serial lying, and now many people are very angry about it.

Howard’s lies have been well and truly exposed (a Newspoll in February, for instance, showed that 62% believed Howard knowingly misled the public about WMDs). Now, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan says that the invasion of Iraq was illegal.

But we also want to send a message to an incoming Mark Latham Labor government that it will be under pressure not to follow the conservatives’ arrogant disregard for public opinion.

Keynote speakers at the Sydney rally will be Thomas Keneally, Sister Susan Connolly, Andrew Wilkie, Margaret Pomerantz, John Howard (the actor), Merlin Luck, Jackie Leob and John Menadue (Chairman of NewMatilda.com). The performers include James Reyne, Mark Seymour and Jimmy Little.

Rallies around Australia:

Melbourne 1.30pm, October 3, State Library, City

Sydney 1pm, October 3, Town Hall Square, City
(train for Sydney leaves Wollongong at 10.44am)
(Inner west: meet at 11am at Summer Hill park and join the “Justice Train” to Town Hall)

Canberra noon, October 3, Garema Place, Civic

Adelaide 1pm, October 3, Victoria Square

Darwin 5.30 pm, October 1, Raintree Park

Hobart noon, October 2, Domain Regatta Grounds

Brisbane 1pm, October 3, Roma St Forum

Perth 1pm, October 3, Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre, (opp. Alexander Library, James St)

Lismore 10am, October 2, Magellan St Lismore (outside ACE building)

Newcastle 2pm, October 2, Wheeler Place, City (march to Pacific Park)

Armidale 2pm, October 2, Central Park (+ picnic)

For more information about the national rallies go to end the lies website or ring Pip Hinman on 0412
139 968

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