Hanson has 26.3 % chance of Senate spot


Coalition: 69.3%, Labor 30.7%.

Also, Centrebet opened two new markets yesterday.

* Pauline Hanson is a 26.3% chance to win a Senate spot, with a corresponding 73.7% chance that she’ll have to to find another way to get back onto our TV sets. It looks like Centrebet opened this market too low – she started trading yesterday at 16%, and rose after $10,000 was bet on her.

* In Eden Monaro, the percentages are
Gary Nairn (Lib) – 72.2%
Kelvin Watt (ALP) – 26.6%
Cecily Dignan (Green) – 0.9%
Ursula Bennett (CDP) – 0.3%

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