You've got mail!

The mail.

This popped up on the message stick of crikey who never sleeps last night:

Naughty, naughty!

It’s campaign hardball from Scott Morrison and the New South Wales Liberals as this leaflet lands in more and more letterboxes across the state:

Not that you could tell who the brochure is actually from. Look at the authorisation line. It mentions Morrison, but doesn’t actually name who he represents.

Odd. Very odd. The leaflet doesn’t pull any punches – so why does it spare its readers this gruesome detail?

About an hour later, the same material came to’s inbox, with the attached note:

I live in Dobell and the attached card was in my letterbox early this morning.

I’m not sure why the Libs think people in Dobell would be voting for Lindsay Tanner, the Honourable Member for Melbourne !!

Is it a State or a national letterbox drop? How many millions did the Libs have printed?

Who is Scott Morrison of Level 9, 140 William Street, East Sydney?

This morning, crikey said this:

The Liberals in NSW are winning that the sky will fall in if the Greens win the balance of power which raises three interesting questions:

1. If the Greens are so appalling, if the Greens are such a danger to society, how can NSW Liberal state director Scott Morrison justify giving them preferences ahead of the Labor Party in Grayndler, Sydney and the NSW Senate?

2. Doesn’t that potentially deliver the Greens the balance of power and whip hand over Labor that Morrison is so desperately warning against?

3. Wouldn’t it then be responsible of Morrison to rule out giving the Greens preferences?

Lots of questions. No answers yet. Keep watching that space.

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