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We want important decisions about to be made by our subscribers. To participate fully in we encourage you to subscribe.

Below is a copy of the email sent today to all our subscribers.

Dear Subscriber,

When you subscribed to, we said our magazine section would become closed to non-subscribers on September 8.

Since our launch, the Federal election has been called. During the election period, will provide information from a range of commentators, to help you make an informed choice when you vote on October 9. We will also be a place for you to speak up about the election campaign.

A number of our subscribers have suggested our whole site should remain free access during the election period (until October 9). In their view, it would be in the best interests of our democracy for as much of what we publish to be freely available during this important period, given the lack of alternatives in Australia’s tightly controlled media.

We are asking you, our subscribers, to decide this important question. Please vote on this question between now and 4 pm Wednesday. When you vote, use your subscriber username and password.

Please note that voting in favour of free access during the election period will discourage new subscriptions. We won’t last forever without a solid subscription base. So a vote to keep us in free public view carries the responsibility of encouraging friends to subscribe now, so that we can continue long after the election.

We trust you to make the right decision.

Paul Smith

PS If you have any questions, contact me on 02 9281 0631 or at

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