who should we trust?


This election will be about trust.

On October 9th we will make a decision about who will form our government. Perhaps you will make a decision based on who you trust more. More likely the way you number your ballot paper will be determined by putting who you trust least last and working backwards.

We can hope for a better democracy than that.

We can expect that our leaders trust us with the truth rather than asking just to trust them.

In this election it will be up to Australians to demand to be treated with the respect we deserve as citizens.

We have already provided a citizens toolkit for getting our elected representatives working for us again.

We want to help you engage with the people who are running for public office on the issues that are important to you, by providing you with the information you need to do this.

We don’t have infinite resources, so we are going to be asking you your priorities, so that we know what is most important to you.

Please vote in our poll and tell us what is important to you.

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