13 Sep 2011

Sign Up: We're Serious!

New Matilda
If we can't recruit 1500 paid supporters by the end of September we'll have to shut down in 2012. To give you an eerie premonition of our demise we're now paywalling new articles by popular authors
1 Feb 2011

On The Road Again

New Matilda
New Matilda is back for 2011 and we've got a big year planned. We're all set to take on the challenges of a media and news environment that's moving faster than ever
9 Dec 2010

Six Days To Go!

New Matilda
Will there be a Wikileaks cable that can help NM? How are Wikileaks, Cancun, Oprah and NM linked? Read on to find out - and remember you've got just six days left to donate