Australian Politics

1 Sep 2004

Put on those red shoes and dance

Megan Elliott
'The voices of authority that I hear on my radio, on my television, in the meetings that I go to are the voices of men. Unless it's Triple J, or community radio, they're old men. The public space that young women occupy, those who aren't baring midriffs, engagement rings or DIY power tools, is negligible.'
29 Aug 2004

who should we trust?

Paul Smith

John Howard says the election is about 'the future' and about 'trust'. New Matilda agrees. Where we differ is we believe our governments should trust us with the truth when Australians make decisions about our future, while John Howard thinks we should just trust him.

25 Aug 2004

Handmaidens' tales

dawn service

Can women in politics really make a difference, or do they just end up polishing the throne? Read the latest report card on Johnnie's Angels and draw your own conclusions.

25 Aug 2004

Lady in waiting?

christine wallace

Just who is that woman who's standing behind the man who's dancing with the Prince of Bennelong? Yes, it's Jenny Macklin.

25 Aug 2004

Policies and participation

John Menadue
'Democracy is the compelling ideology of our time. We all have an innate urge for community. As one institution breaks down, resourceful Australians have shown in the past that we can renovate some and build others. I know that many parliamentarians, journalists and ordinary citizens share these concerns.'