Australian Politics

8 Feb 2006

Chinese 'Justice'

New Matilda
A growing number of politically aware lawyers are challenging the Communist Party's control of the judicial process on the mainland where the Party tells judges how to decide cases
8 Feb 2006

The Gabfest

John Hooker
On the basis of this supplement, the Australian Future Directions Forum 2006 has the same sense of reality as a Twenty20 cricket match, a report from the Australian Wheat Board, or a prospectus from One.Tel or Enron
8 Feb 2006

With apologies to Sam Kekovich

Emma Dawson
Almost ten years since he saw off the 'arrogant' and 'out of touch' Keating — the last Prime Minister to have any vision for, or faith in, his fellow Australians — it's clear that our current PM feels his work is done. One only needs to read his Australia Day address last week to find the proof
8 Feb 2006

Why Howard is Wrong on Human Rights

spencer zifcak
The Prime Minister's criticism is instructive because it's comprised of many commonly articulated assertions about the effect of human rights legislation, almost none of which are applicable to the actual New Matilda proposal
8 Feb 2006

Disembarking History

cassandra austin
History is supposed to teach a country, a people, certain wisdoms — yet perhaps to be always disembarking that history is precisely what it means to be Australian
8 Feb 2006

On Schoolboys and Empire

Michael Connors
Listening to Bush, I couldn't help but detect the influence of famous British historian Niall Ferguson, the chap who has a turn-of-the-century schoolboy interest in Empire. He's sad that Britannia no longer rules the waves. He wants to make sure the Americans continue to do so
8 Feb 2006

Australia Then and Now

Rawdon Dalrymple
When I was young Australia was a provincial, deeply racist place with a pronounced cultural cringe. Of course, not all the changes have been for the better. But Australia was then a vastly more prejudiced and less liberal society than it is now
1 Feb 2006


Jane Caro

It is already perfectly clear that no one, not even the most passionate and evangelical right-to-lifer, really believes that a foetus is the moral and emotional equivalent of a baby

1 Feb 2006

Distorting the Reality of Rape

New Matilda

To suggest that rape is motivated by the appearance and behaviour of a woman implies not only that a woman should take responsibility for a rapist's crime, but that all men are, in fact, probable rapists merely awaiting the right circumstances to commit their crime