Australian Politics

8 Jun 2005

This week

New Matilda

'Watching the chic and smiling Madame Fu Ling respond to the gentle probing of Lateline's Tony Jones it was clear that her training had been exemplary. Alexander Downer should get the tape.'

8 Jun 2005

A Human Rights Act for Australia

Susan Ryan
'Our first step is to present you with a draft bill for discussion. The bill will be technically robust, comprehensive in its scope, practical, and able to fit without problems into our legal framework.'
8 Jun 2005

A sinking ship

Danielle Service

'It's just not getting any better for Swan. I'm almost dreading the final two weeks of Parliament and being forced to watch Peter Costello utterly destroy and humiliate Swan, Beazley and the Opposition. Swan has asked just one Budget question of Costello since May 11.'

8 Jun 2005

Two Noes to Europe

Graham Willett

'It is surprising how little the debate actually addressed itself to it. It was not entirely ignored, of course. In France, it, and books about it, leapt into the best-seller lists in recent months as citizens tried to decide on what to do with their vote.'

8 Jun 2005

No one ever told me

Jane Caro
'We are so divorced from our biology that we don't hear what older women are saying to us. And who can blame young women, why would anyone want to know that their biology can (and often does) come back and bite them?'
8 Jun 2005

Thinking again about the common wealth

Anne Coombs

'The way governments have handed over our rail lines to private corporations is one of the gravest, most scandalous and least reported aspects of the 'privatisation industry' of recent years. We are still called the Commonwealth of Australia, but what will be left of our common wealth?'

8 Jun 2005

Reformist Parties

John Hooker

'Most people get their news from the Sun Herald, watch Ray Martin and are moderately happy with things the way they are. It's only when the bottom drops out of society that people start asking questions.'

8 Jun 2005

Changing the Rules of the Game

Joanna Mendelssohn

'All universities are doing it tough, but regional universities are doing it tougher. Newcastle, with its forced redundancies, is only the first of the regional cookies to crumble. There is no money for upfront research funding, and certainly not the kind of money now needed for a LIEF partnership.'