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  1. 10 Jan 2008

    About Us

    This One

    ... investigative reporter and researcher  Professor  Wendy Bacon is a contributing editor for New Matilda. Amy McQuire is a ...

  2. Fund NM
    11 Sep 2012

    Wendy Bacon Joins The NM Team

    Wendy Bacon

    New Matilda sits within a long Australian history of independent media. One of its stalwarts, Wendy Bacon, joins us as contributing editor

  3. NEWS
    9 Jun 2015

    Labor, Greens Call For Halt To WestConnex Forced Home Acquisitions

    Wendy Bacon

    The Castle's Darryl Kerrigan put it best when he said 'People have got to stop taking other people’s land'. Hundreds of residents in the inner west of Sydney know how he feels. Wendy Bacon reports.

    27 Mar 2015

    Call For Inquiry Into Women's Refuge Changes

    Wendy Bacon and Elise Dalley

    Problems have continued to emerge since NSW handed a number of refuges over to faith-based organisations. Wendy Bacon and Elise Dalley report.

    4 Jun 2015

    WestConnex: Mike Baird's Tunnel Of Big Corporate Love

    Wendy Bacon and Luke Bacon

    NSW taxpayers are forking out millions to a global corporation to provide an environmental impact report into a controversial toll road. The same company is then going to help build it. Wendy and Luke Bacon investigate.

    19 May 2015

    One Year On: A New Matilda Editor's Perspective

    Chris Graham

    Chris Graham looks back at one year in the hot seat... which has rickety wheels, a broken gas-lift and ripped fabric.

    12 May 2015

    Bruce's Home Was His Castle, Until The NSW Govt Sold It Out From Under Him

    Wendy Bacon

    The Begnell's finished paying off their home in the 1980s. And then somehow, the government sold it to developers. Wendy Bacon reports.

    25 Feb 2015

    The Man Behind The Men Behind Westconnex

    Wendy Bacon

    New Matilda contributing editor Wendy Bacon explores the faces behind the controversial project that has stirred passions in Sydney's inner west.

    6 May 2015

    Getting Scott McIntyre: Lest We Forget The Role Of Pundits, Politicians And A Social Media Mob

    Wendy Bacon

    An SBS journalist is out of a job for expressing an opinion. Wendy Bacon reviews how the Twitter storm calling for his sacking unfolded.

  10. media
    8 Nov 2013

    Wendy Bacon Responds To News Corp

    Wendy Bacon

    When you criticise Rupert Murdoch's News Corp you should expect a backlash, as Wendy Bacon found when she published her report on the coverage of climate change at Australian newspapers