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  1. The Casino Game
    26 Oct 2012

    Who Is On Team Packer?

    Wendy Bacon and Lawrence Bull

    James Packer is intent on building a casino in Sydney. As part of NM’s investigation, we made a list of the heavy hitters he can draw on for support

  2. The Casino Game
    26 Oct 2012

    The Questions O'Farrell Won't Answer

    Wendy Bacon and Lawrence Bull

    New Matilda had some questions for NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell about James Packer's casino plans. We got a reply from his office - but no real answers. Here’s our exchange with the Premier’s office

  3. The Casino Game
    25 Oct 2012

    James Packer's Casino Game

    Lawrence Bull and Wendy Bacon

    James Packer's ambition to build a casino in Sydney got a bipartisan boost this week. How did Packer manage to make his casino seem like a fait accompli? Wendy Bacon and Lawrence Bull report for NM

  4. federal politics
    8 Oct 2013

    This Is What Democracy Looks Like

    Lawrence Bull

    Proportional representation is often floated as a way to reform the Senate vote. But would it mean fewer minor parties in the upper house? Lawrence Bull crunches the numbers

  5. political donations
    12 Apr 2011

    Labor's Mystery $200k Donation

    Lawrence Bull

    Three of the federal Labor Party's biggest donations last year came from unknown sources, reports Lawrence Bull. But party headquarters is in no hurry to find out who the mystery donors are

  6. The Casino Game
    14 Nov 2012

    Meet Packer's High Rollers

    Lawrence Bull

    James Packer argues his casino will be less harmful because it caters exclusively to 'high rollers'. But many so-called high rollers are problem gamblers betting beyond their means, as Lawrence Bull found out

  7. media
    13 May 2011

    A Right Royal Overcalculation

    Lawrence Bull

    Did one in three people on the planet really tune into the Royal Wedding? Why did this figure get such traction - and how can we be sure that it's wrong? Lawrence Bull crunches the numbers

  8. asylum seekers
    14 Aug 2013

    Asylum Seekers Deported With Violence

    Paul Farrell, Lawrence Bull and Luke Bacon

    A restraint technique, banned by police forces and responsible for a death in custody in the UK, is used by DIAC on asylum seekers. Detention Logs reports

  9. asylum seekers
    14 Aug 2013

    Deported By DIAC Into Perpetual Limbo

    Paul Farrell, Luke Bacon and Lawrence Bull

    Ziad Awad was bundled onto a plane to be deported from Australia in 2011. He had slashed his wrists and was gushing blood. That was just the beginning. He spoke with NM and Detention Logs in Ankara, Turkey

  10. png solution
    23 Jul 2013

    EXCLUSIVE: Our Contract With Manus

    Paul Farrell, Lawrence Bull and Luke Bacon

    Today New Matilda and Detention Logs release the Manus contract between G4S and the Government. It reveals that lower standards are expected on the island than in detention centres in Australia