18 Feb 2013

Israel's Public Image Takes Another Hit

By Antony Loewenstein
The death of Ben Zygier has exposed Israel's repressive censorship over national security – and shown how closely Australia works with Israel on military intelligence, writes Antony Loewenstein
The case of Australian and Israeli citizen Ben Zygier and his alleged suicide in an Israeli jail in December 2010 provides an instructive window into the secretive relationship between Canberra and Tel Aviv as well as the dynamics between the Zionist state and friendly Western nations. The death of the former IDF soldier and Mossad agent has triggered a global media storm after last week's ABC TV's Foreign Correspondent story revealed the identity of Prisoner X.

But what makes this international intrigue all the more fascinating is not what most of the commentary is obsessing over — the details of Zygier's life and how he ended up in a high security prison — but the ways in which young Jews are groomed by an Israeli intelligence service to commit acts of terrorism and subterfuge across the world under the guise of protecting national security. It is done with the consent of Western governments and intelligence services, including Australia's.

New Matilda spoke to a former senior Australian ambassador who says that ASIO and ASIS work hand in glove with the Israeli government, including the assistance of grooming potential spies on Australian soil at universities such as Monash in Melbourne and military academies like Duntroon. Australia long ago outsourced much of its military and intelligence, as well as foreign affairs sovereignty, to Israel and America. "There's little we [Australia] would not do to please them", my source says.

The Zygier case has forced Israel's repressive censorship over national security laws to weaken — it was amusing witnessing Israeli journalists tweeting information about Prisoner X during the broadcast of Foreign Correspondent despite there then being an Israeli gag order on the case — so it's unsurprising that Israel is so keen to keep details of the story secret. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that he doesn't believe there should be any sunlight on the actions of his country's intelligence services in the wake of the Zygier case getting wide coverage.

After all, Zygier was a Mossad agent who may well have been involved, directly or indirectly, in the murder of a Hamas operative, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, in Dubai, the murder of Iranian nuclear scientists in Iran or the recruitment of members of the Sunni terrorist organisation Jundallah, infamous for attacks inside Iran. All these acts are breaches of international law and none are condemned by the Zionist lobby or leading politicians. What the Jewish community worries about is the wider society regarding Jews as disloyal to Australia.

New Matilda spoke to a senior Israeli defence correspondent who said that he knew about the identity of Ben Zygier in 2010 at the time of his death but was unable to report it because of the Israeli gag order. He said he thought the Australian and Israeli citizen wasn't a bad man but simply found himself in above his head. He faulted Israel trying to keep the story secret for so long and believed that the virtual silence of the Australian Jewish community was due to embarrassment and ignorance of the case. Their response may have been co-ordinated with the Israeli embassy. They believed, he argued, that by speaking out they may shine an unwelcome light on Israel, something that goes against their DNA.

Although Israel denies that it tortured Zygier while in custody, it's clear that international norms were breached during his incarceration due to a lack of legal representation and conditions inside jail. News Limited's Andrew Bolt argues that critics of Israel always look for the worst in the Zionist state, but Israel is doing a fine job on its own. It's possible, according to an Israeli journalist, that Australia put Zygier's life at risk by leaking information about his work with Mossad to the media.

The ignorance about this case expressed by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Foreign Minister Bob Carr stretches credibility because Israeli and Australian intelligence agencies likely knew all about the actions of Zygier before his death. Furthermore, Australia offered a muted response to the illegal Israeli use of forged passports in 2010 for the purpose of murdering Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh; Israel barely received a rap on the knuckles. Deputy Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson Julie Bishop simply said that Australia also forged passports so Israel was not alone in acting illegally.

It is worth considering the reaction of New Zealand to a similar passport forging incident back in 2004, which led to diplomatic sanctions against Israel. New Zealand's then Foreign Minister Phil Goff said last week that he was "contacted by the Israeli government at the time asking whether we could reach an arrangement over it". He wouldn't budge.

"No go. These people have committed criminal offences in our country and they'll be treated just like anybody else who commits a criminal offence and that we did not appreciate another country seeking passports to misuse for purposes that frankly are unacceptable which is the assassination of people for their own political purposes." It is unimaginable that any senior politician in Australia would speak like Goff: "We're not prepared to see friendly countries act in that sort of criminal way against us."

The details around Zygier's life and death remains murky. New Matilda has been told, by somebody who knows the Zygier family well, that two Mossad agents with an Australian connection spoke at his funeral in Melbourne and they said how sad it was that Zygier had "lost his spirit" towards the end of his life. No other information about the funeral is forthcoming.

The complicity of silence around Zygier's actions within the Zionist establishment — witness the "see no evil, hear no evil" stonewalling by Philip Chester, President of the Zionist Council of Australia, on ABC Radio National Breakfast last Friday — is symptomatic of a mainstream Australian, Jewish community that encourages and facilitates young Jews to visit Israel and idealise its identity. Palestinians are largely absent in this worldview. The occupation is virtually non-existent. Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah are the new Nazis. Building a ghettoised, Zionist state, after centuries of Jews often living in isolation across the world, is an irony lost on far too many people.

What the Zionist lobby and its political and media courtiers don't want to discuss is their complicity in this affair. They all believe that young Jews have the right to move, fight or spy for Israel, including during wars against Lebanon and Gaza, while Muslims who want to join their brethren in Syria, Lebanon or Palestine are labelled terrorists for doing the same thing.

From a young age, the Zionist schooling system and its associated entities indoctrinate Jews to slavishly back Israel and demonise Arabs. Blindly supporting Israel may seem like a good idea to them but in reality has created a monster from which the insecure Jewish community is unlikely to recover any time soon; growing numbers of young Jews are disillusioned with an occupying Israel and no longer tolerate an Israel lobby that acts as propagandists for Zionism. The death or murder of Ben Zygier should be a wake-up call to Australian Jewry that even its own can be treated shabbily by Israel.

Throughout this whole scandal, the reality of illegally imprisoned Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, countless people without a recognisable face in the international media, is ignored. Israeli state-sanctioned racism against Palestinians is conveniently forgotten when talking about a fresh-faced man from an establishment, Zionist home in Melbourne.

After yet another Zionist brutality emerges in the press, the public image of Israel will take another necessary hit. Once the Zygier story disappears from the headlines, the occupation of Palestinian land will continue and deepen. The Oscar-nominated documentary, The Gatekeepers, interviews six former Shin Bet heads, Israel's internal security agency, about their work and views on Israel's future. They're pessimistic and argue from deep knowledge that an Israeli police state exists in the West Bank.

No amount of covert missions from the likes of Ben Zygier will hide this damning reality.

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Posted Monday, February 18, 2013 - 16:22

You obviously believe it's not just the Zionist establishment and agencies keeping shtum on this one, you seem to implicate the Australians too.
You're calling Bob Carr and Kevin Rudd liars, insinuating they knew something about the Zygier case, rather than choosing to believe they were being kept in the dark like everyone else!
And I find your analysis of the reason young Jewish people make Aliya pathetic.
They are well educated Australians, not indoctrinated morons.
They are young and want to learn, discover and explore the world for themselves. And just because some of them choose to go and live in Israel for a while, learn some Hebrew and serve in the Israeli army, certainly doesn't make them the 'tools' of any body, or any nation, without it being completely of their own free will.

K Brown
Posted Monday, February 18, 2013 - 21:50

More innocent Australian citizens have been killed post-WWII by Islamist terrorists than anyone else. Islamist terrorism is a real and present danger for Australians. Shared intelligence is a keystone to countering this threat. Like it or not Israeli intelligence is critically important to our counter-terrorist programme. Israel has far more developed intelligence sources throughout the Islamic world than we do and sharing intelligence with them no doubt benefits us more than the intelligence that we provide in reciprocation. It is important to our National security and lives of our citizens that we sustain these intelligence linkages.

That does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to the illegal theft of Australian identities by Mossad and notwithstanding this article’s claims of Australian Government complicity there is no evidence that Australian authorities have countenanced this. On February 5, 2010, according to a United States diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks, DFAT told the US embassy in Canberra that ''Australian officials are 'furious' all the way up the chain of command over the incident (use of Australian passports by members of the Mossad team that assassinated Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the United Arab Emirate''. On May 24, 2010, Foreign Minister Smith told Federal Parliament that the Australian government was ''in no doubt that Israel was responsible for the abuse and counterfeiting of [Australian] passports''. Israeli Embassy counsellor Eli Elkoubi, an officer of the Israeli foreign intelligence service, Mossad was expelled. Although the Australian government did not deliberately reveal Mr Elkoubi's status as a Mossad officer, the Israelis believed the disclosure was a further act of retaliation.

These facts don’t imply complicity between Mossad and ASIO the way Antony Lowenstein frames things in his article.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 02:15

Excellent article by outstanding, anti-racist Jewish Australian writer Antony Loewenstein. Dr Jordy Silverstein from the Australian Jewish Democratic Society stated "I think it's quite concerning if the Australian Government knew about it and wasn't able to act on behalf of Mr Zygier" ("DFAT changes its mind on Zygier affair"ABC, PM, : http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-13/dfat-changes-its-mind-on-zygier-af... ).

Patriotic and anti-racist Jewish Australians Antony Loewenstein and Dr Jordy Silverstein are exceptions to the appalling reality reported in the Australian Jewish News (13 February 2013): " The Australian Jewish community is remaining tight-lipped following revelations aired on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent on Tuesday night, that Israel’s infamous “Prisoner X” was a Melbourne man with links to the Mossad. The Israeli Embassy, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, along with the office of the Attorney-General, have all declined to comment" (see "Prisoner X may have been Melbourne man:: http://www.jewishnews.net.au/prisoner-x-may-have-been-a-melbourne-man/29603)

According to reports that have emerged 3 years after Ben Zygier's secret arrest despite the Apartheid Israeli ban on reportage, Ben Zygier was held in secret in solitary confinement. for about 10 months before he was either killed by the Israelis or driven to suicide in a suicide-proof cell.

Solitary confinement for more than several weeks is regarded by experts as a form of mental torture (see "Solitary confinement": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solitary_confinement ). Jewish Hungarian physician Dr Edith Bone (nee Hajos; a cousin of my grandmother) spent 7 years in solitary confinement in a Communist Hungarian prison (1949-1956) and set out her story of psychological survival in book "Seven Years Solitary" that was an inspiration for Aung Sang Suu Kyi (see 2011 BBC Reith Lectures: Securing Freedom, Aung Sang Suu Kyi , Lecture 1, Liberty: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/rmhttp/radio4/transcripts/2011_reith1.pdf ). The British Government ignored British citizen Dr Bone's plight just as evidently the Australian government, Australian agencies and other pro-Zionist Australians 'in the know" ignored the circumstances and fate of Ben Zygier and indeed kept it all a secret for 3 years until some courageous and patriotic Australians in the ABC defied the pro-Zionist ABC Thought Police and made it public last week.

Whether the Israelis killed Ben Zygier or whether he took his own life in a suicide-proof cell after 10 months of solitary confinement, it is clear that Ben Zygier was in effect tortured to death over 10 months of secret solitary imprisonment and that the Australian Government was complicit in this gross violation of a young Jewish Australian father of 2 from Melbourne, in gross violation of its fundamental duty to protect all Australians. .

The pro-war, pro-Zionist, US lackey and Zionist lackey Labor Government complicit in the murder of Jewish Australian Ben Zygier will discover in this election year what the post-Jewish Holocaust crie de coeur "never again " means - no decent, anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish Australians can vote for a government that so grossly ignored its obligation to an Australian citizen.

Mike Head in WSWS: "It is now clear that while professing to protest against Israel’s conduct, the Australian government was deeply involved in covering up Zygier’s detention... What has been revealed so far about the “Prisoner X” affair underlines the extraordinary influence over Australian politics exercised by Washington and its allies, particularly Israel, and the willingness of successive Australian governments to sacrifice the basic rights and lives of Australian citizens who in any way become a threat to those interests" (see "Australia Government complicit in "Prisoner X's" death in Israel:, Counter Information: http://counterinformation.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/australian-government... ).

The chief opposition whip in the Senate, Senator Helen Kroger, has branded the government’s failure to explain what it knew or didn’t know about the case of Ben Zygier a “disgrace” (see "Kroger: Government response on Zigier is "disgrace"", Australian Jewish News, 14 February 2013: http://www.jewishnews.net.au/kroger-government-response-on-zygier-is-dis... ).

Decent Australians - and especially utterly betrayed anti-racist Jewish and Labor voters - will put Labor last until it reverts to decent and pro-Australian values, publicly begs forgiveness and demands appropriate compensation (e.g. $100 million) from the Israelis.

Several years ago I sent a carefully researched and documented analysis concerned with 50 areas of racist Zionist , Israeli Organized Crime and Israeli State Terrorism threats to Australians to Australian law officers (including the AFP) , MPs, journalists, academics and other citizens in the public and national interest (see "Racist Zionism and Israeli State Terrorism threats to Australia and Humanity", Palestinian Genocide: https://sites.google.com/site/palestiniangenocide/racist-zionism-and-isr...) . The Australian Government complicity in the torture and murder of Ben Zygier now makes it 51 reasons why traitorous racist Zionists and their supporters (notably Labor) should be sidlelined from public life a s have been like racists such as the Nazis, neo-Nazis , Apartheiders and KKK.

Peace is the only way but Silence kills and Silence is complicity.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 12:58

Lowenstein adds absolutely nothing to this piecemeal story already out there in the media, other than his own biases, prevarications and speculations. And Gideon Polya has been more than happy to climb on board with his usual anti-Zionist claptrap.

Lowenstein, Israel hater extraordinaire, uses the Zygier affair as an opportunity to slang off against Zionism:
“the ways in which young Jews are groomed by an Israeli intelligence service to commit acts of terrorism and subterfuge across the world under the guise of protecting national security. It is done with the consent of Western governments and intelligence services, including Australia’s.”
“the Zionist schooling system and its associated entities indoctrinate Jews to slavishly back Israel and demonise Arabs.” Hypocritical words from an infamous demoniser of Israel.

His statement “Israel’s repressive censorship” is pure opiniation that has nothing to do with reality. Just compare the situation in democratic Israel to the scant information we get about the subversive goings-on in the neighbouring secretive Arab countries.

His remark “What the Jewish community worries about is the wider society regarding Jews as disloyal to Australia.” fails to appreciate that is perfectly normal, reasonable behaviour. Certainly the Jewish community is concerned about its standing in the wider community.

“Their response may have been co-ordinated with the Israeli embassy.” Absolute rubbish.

“it’s clear that international norms were breached during his incarceration due to a lack of legal representation and conditions inside jail” Zygier had full legal representation – more rubbish from Lowenstein.

And then this distortion “Australia offered a muted response to the illegal Israeli use of forged passports in 2010 for the purpose of murdering Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh; Israel barely received a rap on the knuckles.” It is completely false to suggest that Australian authorities turned a blind eye to the illegal theft of Australian identities by Mossad - the Australian government actually kicked out an Israeli diplomat at the time of the passports affair, which hardly demonstrates insidious complicity between Israel and Australia.

For something with some actual substance refer to http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4345834,00.html which implicates ASIO in this sorry saga. It seems that the Australian intelligence agency played a key role in Zygier’s decision to commit suicide.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 13:45

I think it is quite likely that ASIO/ASIS and then the Foreign Affairs Dept. DID keep information on this situation from the pollies, especially Labor pollies. Far Right Fascism runs deep in those organisations. Maybe members of the Tories establishment were told, much more likely. Julie Bishop?
It does seem that the israelis (Mossad) do think that Zygier discussed some matters with ASIS agents or ASIO here in Australia, and that is the reason he was 'disappeared'.
But on past performances, ASIO would only very reluctantly pass more than the absolute minimum of information on to Foreign Affairs or a Minister. Security thugs are a closed shop. What this does show is just how much Australia is held in contempt by the israelis. So much for cross fertilisation in ideas and information. All cards are to be held very close to the chests.
Even though the Yanks run spy shops and intercepts all over Australia, does one really believe that Australia gets more than a slight precis of what comes in. No way!
Same with the israelis. I am sure that they have lots of Mossad Agents in Australia, operating without Australia's knowledge, probably working with the Yanks, as they really do OWN them.
All countries are a pool of resources for more agents, not easily recognised as israeli, to be used by Mossad in whatever way they choose. All Jews are required to
do everything they can to assist the Zionist cause, and that could well mean becoming a Mossad agent, and then working against the interests of Australia. But Mossad can not always guarantee that their choice and trainee always continues to 'believe', and does not go rogue, at least to some slight extent.
It has happened before Zygier.
I would now imagine that our Spy Agencies and our Government and Opposition are working hard to have the whole thing shovelled under a carpet, and soon. WE HAVE to be nice to israel. The US Administration demands it. And Gillardine wants to be a 'best friend' of Likud. For political purposes.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 15:41

I read the phrase "young Jewish people make Aliya pathetic.
They are well educated Australians, not indoctrinated morons" and beg to differ from such moronically indoctrinated perspectives.

Question Authority

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 15:48

It is stated on some news items, the Jews were pissed off at Zygier talking out of school to ASIO so they arrested him and held him incommunicado, AND ASIO knew. They also knew he died . Whatever it was that Zygier told ASIO must be pretty damning to either them or us for both to take the code of silence path. Sooner or later it was bound to get out.
What our government must do is line the Director of ASIO up and demand what was the damning info or gaol him for contempt. This government is big on laws that coerce witnesses to give evidence. Let’s see a bit of Labour coercion here.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 19:18

Why do pro-Zionists invariably resort to false, pejorative ad hominem abuse e.g. "has been more than happy to climb on board with his usual anti-Zionist claptrap"?

One supposes it is fundamentally because of profound exceptionalism, egregious lack of respect for others, and the problem of defending the indefensible e.g.

Israeli Gestapo secretly torturing a young Jewish Australian father of 2 to death;

the Israeli Wehrmacht holding 4.2 million Occupied Palestinians (half of them children) in highly abusive imprisonment without charge, trial or human rights but for the asserted "crime" of living in tiny part left of the homeland inhabited continuously by their Palestinian forebears back to the very dawn of history;

democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel that has ethnically cleansed 90% of the land of Palestine, preventing 6 million Palestinian from even stepping foot in Palestine, and only permitting 6.7% of 12 million Palestinians (the adults of 1.6 million Palestinian Israelis) voting for the government ruling all of Palestine;

Zionist Australians fighting, killing, imprisoning, torturing , committing war crimes, spying for a genocjdally racist, nuclear terrorist rogue state; and

Zionist Australians tasering, shooting, bombing, kidnapping, torturing, killing, betraying Australians and criminally violating Australian border security.

The problem is much worse than just Zionists brainwashed by Australian taxpayer-funded Zionist private schools to be racist traitors with a prime loyalty to a genocidally racist, nuclear terrorist rogue state - even more culpably pro-Zionism has metastased to dominate the Mainstream media, the Coalition and the Australia- and Labor voter-betraying Australian Labor Party (ALP), the Apartheid Labor Party, the Apartheid Israel-supporting Labor Party, the Australian Lying Party.

For anti-racist Jews and indeed all anti-racist humanitarians the core moral messages from the Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) and from the more general WW2 European Holocaust (30 million Slav, Jewish and Gypsy dead) are “zero tolerance for racism”, “never again to anyone”, “bear witness” and “zero tolerance for lying”.

However these sacred injunctions are grossly violated by the anti-Arab anti-Semitic racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel and dominating their Western backers, most obviously USrael.

Decent anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish Australians and all decent folk around the world reject racism, genocide, warmongering, kidnapping, torture, killing, mass murder, war crimes, treason (for numerous eminent opinions see "Jews Against Racist Zionism": https://sites.google.com/site/jewsagainstracistzionism/ and "Non-Jews Against Racist Zionism": https://sites.google.com/site/nonjewsagainstracistzionism/ ).

JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy both tried unsuccessfully to get the traitorous racist Zionist lobby registered as agents of a foreign power but were both assassinated, the latter by a Palestinian whose family members were held hostage by war criminal Apartheid Israel.

The best way for decent Australians to help stop racist Zionist subversion and perversion of Australia and indeed the World is to put Labor last in the elections until it decides to revert to decent values.

Peace is the only way but Silence kills and Silence is complicity.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 19:36

CONTROVERSIAL POINT OF VIEW from Mr Loewenstein certainly cuts against the grain, but I think it is good that there are independent journalists who will question the status quo and whilst I have no particular sympathy for terrorism under any name I think he makes a good point that young Arabs have to join a terrorist group[the usual suspects] while young Israelis join "The Agency"


There are a huge number of people who don't know why "The Cold War"was aptly named but perhaps this cold incident might shed some light.

If the original quantum mechanics were as silently obedient as what some have suggested here the V2 Rocket would have carried an atomic payload!

The day people like Loewenstein stop questioning the status quo is the day the status quo undergoes Metamorphosis or should I say Metamorpheus?

The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung, also sometimes translated The Transformation) is a novella by Franz Kafka, first published in 1915. It is often cited as one of the seminal works of fiction of the 20th century and is widely studied in colleges and universities across the Western world. The story begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed into a monstrous vermin. It is never explained in the story why Samsa transforms, nor did Kafka ever give an explanation

Metamorpheus is Steve Hackett's classical album. This is the successor to A Midsummer Nights Dream. Metamorpheus is an expression on Orpheus and his passage through the Underworld.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 19:41

If we are to give a reasonable or 'normal' answer to the question posed by the age;
"Could the Australian government have done more for Ben Zygier?"
we'd answer "yes", along with 82% of the 10,000+ polled.

So then why didn't they do more?

Granting the benefit of doubt, permitting us to assume they aren't a bunch of incompetents: one could surmise that in order to avoid some sort of embarrassment, he was hung out to dry by ASIO's (then and current) head David <b>Irvine</b> and Mossad.

Surely though, Israel and Australia are allies, if the weren't, then our Parliamentary Secretary to the Defense Department ( and cousin in law of Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert) Mike Kelly would tell us.

We in Australia have openly discussed our concerns in the past of Chinese Spies and Iranian Sleeper Cells, Islamists, etc, so excuse my curiosity and at risk of offending any sensitivities...
Is it wise for Australia to have Jews or other persons closely associated with Israel as leading figures in out defense apparatus when there are issues at hand which may conflict with Australia's as opposed to Israel's interests?

Perhaps more will come out some decades from now; it sometimes does.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 21:25

Our Attorney General is a Jew and a rabid supporter of the israeli occupation of Palestine. The Labor Party is full of rabid supporters of the same, as is the Coalition.
So far, 'our' Attorney General is intent on denying inquiries into what happened with Zygier, one can guess the reason.
The Jewish population of Australia has closed ranks into total silence, they are NOT going to do or say anything that would or could be used against israel. Fear, or divided loyalties?
These are very murky waters, not likely to be any clearer when the Meeja passes on to the next political poll or whatever. Very short attention spans to be hurried up by Murdoch especially, another totally rabid supporter of the Likud Party in israel.
Scary or not?

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 22:37

Perhaps we could seek some <u>independent</u> advice from the Lowe Institute.

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 22:48

Anyone who can pretend that the current and previous Labor governments were not fully informed about the case of Ben Zygier is in cloud cuckoo land, but the extent to which they were involved, and possibly even in some way complicit in Zygier's death is something we can only speculate on.
It is greatly to be welcomed that Anthony Loewenstein pursues this case so single mindedly, and spares nothing in criticising the grossly illegal behaviour of the Israeli state, as well as the complicity and cooperation of its close allies - the US, UK and Australia. It stands in contrast to the silence from some areas, which now seem to include the Gulf theocracies; the Arabic TV service from Dubai which made so much fuss over the Mossad assassination on its soil has barely mentioned this scandal, even though it shows marches by Palestinians currently protesting about the continuing politically motivated incarceration of their husbands and brothers by Israel. As with Israel's recent attacks in Syria, some loyalties in the region are strangely divided and highly compromised, as Islamists and Zionists cooperate against the 'axis of resistance'.
SO despite the stated opposition of Australia to its citizens joining the jihad against the Syrian state, it is actually supporting it... as long as it is in Israel's interests perhaps...

Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 11:00

I agree with K Brown and MazelMan Lowenstein's attempts to blame this tragedy of a duel citizen's death on either the Israeli or the Australian government fails miserably.
The Wikileaks cable at least seems to exonerate the Australian government and the two countries espionage agencies (Mossad and ASIO) keep as much of their vital espionage information top secret, even from their respective governments.
This is obviously done to try and protect the highest officials in each country, but that doesn't necessarily mean these officials are not directly involved in espionage.
But the crux of this article is still 'Israel bashing' and that is its basic weakness.

Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 18:49

It is "Israel bashing"; because we are Australians and we (literally) know that something is amiss.
We know that Israel has a history of (rightly or wrongly) acting in a state of trauma.
We 'imagine' that a magistrate or judge, or Attorney General or Member of ASIO or Nation's Defense; would act in a manner in strict compliance with the requirements of their office or otherwise AS A MINIMUM remove themselves from that office if a case could be conceived where they have a conflict with the requirements of their role.

We can clearly see that something is amiss in that Israel and it's facilitators have been involved in the fiddling of Australia's standing, EVEN IF ONLY our global image.

That's why some Australians will 'bash Israel' in political discussion.... and on top of that, there's the perception of Israel's action's against others.

Muslims of both main denominations are happy to bash the state which rules over their worshiped Mecca... as are many of us non-Muslims..

So what's the problem with Australians "bashing" Israel again.... I missed your point.
Is there a special Nation dispensation that's been announced which I'm not aware of.

Posted Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 14:21

Actually Kevin Charles Herbert the exact opposite is true if you consult the UN figures. And considering the amount of conflicts the state of Israel has been subjected to, it is not only the most efficient army in the world, it also has the best human rights record.
The Israeli army is forced to face up against the guerilla tactics of unauthorised armed militias, who use civilian shields to try and protect them from being attacked.
I will never comprehend how anyone is prepared to defend people who hate Israel more than they love themselves and are prepared to sacrifice their very lives to prove it!
So despite your antagonism towards the state of Israel, until there is peace between Palestine and Israel, I'm sure any young Jew who is prepared to defend Israel to the death, because of their faith (not just to protect a bit of land that grows olive trees) will continue to go to Israel and do what feels right for them.

Posted Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 14:55

Thanks Anthony, yet again.

Any Country using anothers' passports to murder and spy is certainly no friend.

We should have suspended all relations until the agents responsible were sacked and criminally prosecuted.

All Australians travelling to the Middle East are put at risk by the traitor Zygier.

Send his bones back to his "homeland"

Posted Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 17:16

There are laws in Australia that prohibit Australians from being mercenaries in foreign armies, forging Australian passports, supporting terrorism, spying for a foreign government, committing war crimes, committing genocide, and tasering, shooting, kidnapping, illegally imprisoning, robbing, bombing, torturing, terrorizing and killing people, especially children and Australians. Unfortunately such laws are not enforced in Australia in relation to racist Zionist war criminals guilty of such crimes - they are free to come and go in Zionist-subverted Australia with or without forged passports.

How does one describe such traitorous criminals from Australia who have committed such crimes and those Zionist-beholden MPs and public servants who give them carte blanche?

Former PM Kevin Rudd did Australia a great linguistic service before he was removed in a US-approved, foreign mining company-backed, pro-Zionist-led Coup in 2010 (see Antony Loewenstein's perspective in this regard : http://antonyloewenstein.com/2010/07/02/does-the-zionist-lobby-have-bloo... ) - he introduced the word "scum" into polite public discourse, unfairly as it happens, by using it to describe "people smugglers" (see ABC News, 17 April 2009: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2009-04-17/rudd-wants-people-smugglers-to-rot... ), and raising the matter of how one describes the Neocon Americans and Zionist Imperialists who have created over 20 million Muslim refugees in the first place.

In addition to endangering Australia and Australians, such traitorous, criminal Zionist "scum" endanger decent, patriotic, anti-racist Jewish Australians who like all decent Australians utterly reject such vile crimes against Australia and Humanity.

Zionism is criminal genocidal racism and the racist Zionists and their supporters (most Lib-Lab politicians in Australia) should be sidelined from public life as have been like racists such as the Nazis, neo-Nazis, Apartheiders and KKK.

Peace is the only way but Silence kills and Silence is complicity.

Posted Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 19:55

Actually denise, Australia has not used "guerilla tactics of unauthorised armed militias" against Israel, but we've caught them out more than once doing damage to us, and we have many Zionist "friends of Israel" like the topical Geert Wilders bearing ideas of war on us overtly and others perhaps more discreetly like the Lowy group to select one from the influential Australian Zionists named above.
Many Australians have had relatives fighting in that region since the 2nd decade of the C20th and still wonder why our troops were there to help the British secure an influx of (born and bred over more than a milenium ago) Eastern European Jews onto Palestinian land in the first place.

You can take any fanciful notions of a special nation status for Israel and stick'em on the cue along with many many many.... other nations just as those which we children of immigrants often strongly identify with.
You are welcome to go on a backpacking tour of duty as many Australian Jews do and shoot at their targeted enemies; ..while it's not illegal, ...just as I suppose David Hicks went on his on type of 'aliyah' when it wasn't illegal for him to do so.
Just as an aside, to speak bluntly; don't even dare have the nerve to expect us to follow;. at this stage we are only willing to whimper and follow when USA and GB whistle.

Do you even follow that Australia's interests are NOT inseparable from those of Israel's??

Posted Friday, February 22, 2013 - 11:01

The guerilla tactics I refer to are the illegal trade in arms to militias that are not sanctioned by a UN recognised state authority and the embedding of these militia in densely populated areas when engaged in warfare.
Israel is at the forefront of defending Western secular values against the tyranny of the Islamists, who to this day refuse to even recognise the state of Israel.
They are prepared to deny the religious, historical and cultural rights of the Jewish people, who through their semitic language Hebrew, must be an original and integral part of the region. And anyone who attempts to deny this basic cultural connection to the land of Israel and the passion that it arouses in the Jewish people, is missing the point.
And in reference to Polya's diatribe: a duel citizen is just that and has the right to determine whose country's values they are willing to defend at any given time. If a duel citizen is being unfairly treated by one of their countries, they have every right to seek justice in the other country, or the UN for that matter.
Obviously most of our values like democracy, rule of law, a civil society, equality of women etc., are also common to the nation of Israel, so there should rarely be a conflict of interest in international affairs.

Posted Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 01:26

It's not really a democracy though Denise, is it?
More like an ethnocracy of sorts. You know, The self proclaimed Jewish State.

You've not heard of their disdain for Blacks etc???
State use of weapons denounced internationally, flechettes in cluster bombs, white phosphorous etc, tortures, child prisoners, ethnic cleansing, restrictions against "mixed marriages" and taking of body parts from prisoners...

Do you think only Germans are capable of atrocities?? Racist!

If dual citizens want to play spy vs spy, I couldn't give a rat's what happens to them .

Posted Monday, February 25, 2013 - 08:47

Readers of this thread: one wonders from where the anonymous pro-Zionists come - the US? the US Embassy? Apartheid Israel? the Apartheid Israeli Embassy? Mossad? or are they children from taxpayer-funded private schools that impose an obscene, exceptionalist, fanatical message of invasion, occupation and genocide on innocent Australian children? Puerility and incorrect spelling favor the latter hypothesis.

Response is required to the ad hominem abuse by "denise "above, quote: "And in reference to Polya’s diatribe: a duel (sic) citizen is just that and has the right to determine whose country’s values they are willing to defend at any given time."

No - Australian citizens, whether dual citizens or not, who spy for a foreign country and betray Australia are traitors who should be exposed, charged, tried and punished.

Unfortunately racist Zionist traitors and their supporters have considerable influence within the Coalition and Labor (the Lib-Labs, the Liberal-Laborals) and within branches of the Australian public service.

Thus the Federal Labor Government has ruled out any inquiry into the Ben Zygier matter in the Attorney General's department (e.g. into ASIO, ASIS etc) and is clearly now in agreement with the position of genocidal racist and mass murderer PM Netanyahu of Apartheid Israel that Australian intelligence was not involved.

Decent Australians who are opposed to treason against Australia and the secret Israeli torturing to death of Australian father of 2 Ben Zygier will reject the cowardice, disloyalty and dishonesty of the Labor Government - they will vote 1 Green and put Labor last (the Coalition are almost just as bad but differs from Labor in not actually betraying decent Labor voters, and also one hopes in drawing the line at betraying Australia in the interests of a genocidally racist, nuclear terrorist, child abusing, child killing, mass infanticidal, mass paedocidal, rogue state like Apartheid Israel that as revealed by UNICEF data deliberately passively murders about 3,000 Occupied Palestinian infants EACH YEAR though imposed deprivation; see "Palestinian Genocide": https://sites.google.com/site/palestiniangenocide/ ).

Peace is the only way but Silence kills and Silence is complicity.

This user is a New Matilda supporter. Tokujiro
Posted Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 15:12

The integrity and absolute trustworthiness of Antony LOWENSTEIN - and, I see, Dr Gideon POLYA, too - shine far above the snide comments seeking to denigrate their honesty from the naysayers of this article. Methinks that lot protest too much! The attack dogs!