30 Oct 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

By James West
Hurricane Sandy is battering the USA's Eastern Seaboard and the relief effort ahead looks grim. James West was in Brooklyn and took these photographs before the storm hit
Hurricane Sandy, the devastating "Frankenstorm" that hit the United States' Eastern Seaboard at 8pm (Eastern time) last night has already caused plenty of damage, with hundreds of thousands of homes without power. Although eyes are fixed on the US, dozens of deaths have been recorded across the Caribbean. James West from Mother Jones' Climate Desk was in Brooklyn before the storm struck. Here are some of his photos.

Flooding in Red Hook, a neighbourhood along New York Harbour. Photo by James West.

Sandbags in Zone A, New York Harbour. Photo by James West.

Carol Serrano (right) and Nayda Ortiz (left), did not evacuate Brooklyn, citing excessive precautions during Hurricane Irene last year. Photo by James West.

A cyclist in Brooklyn. Photo by James West.

These photos first appeared in Mother Jones here.

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Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 12:10

The effect of the hurricane Sandy was really devastating,not just to the ordinary people but also to businesses which were hit by it. - Brenda Lee Reed