13 Aug 2009

Sam The Koala Can Get Stuffed

By Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith
News that everyone's favourite Clap-afflicted marsupial will be kept alongside Phar Lap at the Melbourne Museum was almost too much for our resident podcasters
As-salaam alaykum, gentle listeners, and welcome to the ninth episode of The Media Ate My Brain. In this exciting chapter, Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith ask:

Is it too soon to steal the stuffed corpse of Sam the Koala from the Melbourne Museum and set it on fire? (Yes, because it probably isn't there yet.)

Why was Andrew Bolt buying all that fertiliser last weekend?


Knickers — are they k-necessary?

(Running time approx 15 minutes, 6.73MB)

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Posted Thursday, August 13, 2009 - 19:47

A Correction!

At one point we refer to a Bolt column by the wrong headline. It was actually 'Religion IS an issue.'

Dallas Beaufort
Posted Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 00:07

Translocating these animals to control land use is a corrupt practice well known by Green Labor and the Liberals for trees at a Local, State and Federal administration level, ICAC shows what is taken in the graft of the common good. Just ask your local political investor, based on insider information where they invest,?