20 Jul 2009

Is MasterChef A Travesty Of Justice?

By Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith
In this week's podcast, Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith take the lid off the MasterChef stew and discover some unanswered questions about success
Aloha, gentle listeners, and welcome to the sixth episode of The Media Ate My Brain. In this exciting chapter, Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith ask:

Will Julie Goodwin be a benevolent Masterchef, or will she direct her new powers toward sinister ends?

Is there a nicer relationship than a happy sexual relationship between a man and a woman?

AND: Why is our Government so slow to act on the people's demands that fighter jets fly constantly over every single house?

So get the rolly on your arm, pour some Chandon, and drop it like it's hot for another exciting podcast.

(Running time 14 minutes and 38 seconds, 6.7mb)

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