International Affairs

1 Jun 2005

This week

New Matilda

'There was bloodlust in the response to the announcement in the Indonesian courtroom of a guilty verdict for poor benighted Schapelle Corby. And so faded the myth of our selfless generosity in the wake of the tsunami'

2 Feb 2005

Letter from New York

Susie Carleton
'New Yorkers are waiting for a leadership which accepts that its nakedly predatory foreign policy has created, and continues to create, justifiable grievances and unjustifiable hardship for many millions of people throughout the world. A small fraction of whom become terrorists.'
12 Jan 2005

'Let them hate us, so long as they fear us'

Amir Butler
'For tsunami victims in countries such as Indonesia, the closure of local offices of the Islamic charities means that funds move slowly from the affluent corners of the Muslim world to those in need, and, importantly, the much-needed local knowledge and infrastructure of the charities is no longer available.'
12 Jan 2005

Beyond sex trafficking

Georgina Costello

'In the USA, trafficking is known to occur into child care and domestic roles, restaurants, agricultural jobs such as fruit picking and construction sites. In this global reality, traffickers transport countless numbers of people across borders in all kinds of exploitative circumstances.'

22 Dec 2004

I was mugged in Havana

Susie Carleton
'The doctor finally sat me up, held my shoulders, kissed both cheeks and looked deeply into my eyes. "Are you losing your mind?" he asked. Convinced by my equally comical response in Spanish that I wasn't in the least bit disoriented, he let me go. No charge, no fee, no bill.'
15 Dec 2004

The King's Peace in PNG

Mike Hanley and Adrian Monck

'300 Australian policemen and women have been asked to enforce the King's peace on the streets of Port Moresby, PNG. Port Moresby is one of the nastiest, most crime ridden places in the world, so who could argue that it needs some kind of King's Peace.'

27 Oct 2004

New York City has the jitters

Susie Carleton

'Families have stopped speaking, friendships have been broken, outspoken employees have been sacked from press and NGO positions. The Patriot Act is being used as a diving rod...'

15 Sep 2004

Terror talk

Richard Woolcott
Terrorism is the sinister thread in Australia's 2004 election campaign. To find out more, read our package of commentary.