15 Feb 2013

Beijing's Tipping Point

Dominic Dietrich
Beijing is a dynamic international city - but can China's massive economic growth continue if the smog levels rise? Dominic Dietrich spoke with expats about why they choose to stay
11 Feb 2013

Can Sydney Green The Grid?

Norman Thompson and Justin Field
The City of Sydney's trigas generator scheme is being built by Origin - Australia's largest coal seam gas producer. What happened to the transition to biogas, ask Norman Thompson and Justin Field
8 Feb 2013

Sydney Council's Gas Gamble

Justin Field and Norman Thompson
Sydney City Council wants to install gas generators as part of its sustainability plan - but there are concerns the scheme could encourage coal seam gas development in NSW, write Norman Thompson and Justin Field
7 Feb 2013

Abbot Point's 'Independent' Review

Mike Foley
Investors in Abbot Point, a massive coal port necessary for Queensland's next big coal boom, banded together to prove their environmental credentials. Mike Foley takes a closer look at the developers' environmental consultants