Guilty Pleasures



Five heroes, four continents, one dream of true love. A real life Rom Com starring Mills & Boon devotees.




Five heroes, four continents, one dream of true love. A real life Rom Com starring Mills & Boon devotees.

Sexy cover model Stephen can get any woman he wants. But he won’t settle for anything less than his ‘eternal flame’ and he’s having trouble finding her.

Glamorous author Gill Sanderson delivers five Mills & Boon titles a year to her devoted readers across the world. Little do they know, Gill is in fact Roger, a pensioner writing from a small caravan in the Lake District.
Mum Shirley has finally found true love with her very own Mills & Boon hero. But her knight in shining armour has his dark side: together they must find a way to hold onto their happy ending.

Demure Japanese housewife Hiroko yearns to be swept off her feet by a dashing David Beckham lookalike. When she takes up ballroom dancing lessons with dishy Mr. Iijima, will fantasy become reality?

Feisty Indian princess Shumita has grown tired of playing the victim since her debonair husband left her for a younger woman. Deep down she knows she’s the true love of his life and she’s out to get him back.

Reviews – Daniel Wakefield
Somewhere in the world, a Mills & Boon book is bought every four seconds. This witty, provocative documentary is equally deserving of such a wide, and wide-ranging, audience. Never mind how the books are processed and printed, how many synonyms there are for ‘manhood’, or which series is the raunchiest (‘Blaze’, since you’re asking) – this film focuses on the real-life people behind the bookshelves, not the bed sheets.
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indieWIRE – Michelle Koh
Director Julie Moggan’s vibrant feature traces the experiences of five individuals from around the world marked by their particular connections to Mills & Boon romance novels. We meet a successful romance novelist whose female pseudonym produces countless bestsellers, a male cover model in search of a soul mate and three women enraptured by paperback romances, whose perceptions of relationships are entangled with the scripted portrayal of courtship. As they navigate love in a modern age, we are captivated by their endearing and all-too-human journey.
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Slant Magazine – Tom Elrod
Guilty Pleasures, the opening-night selection for the 14th annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, is a movie about fantasy: creating it, living in it, and learning its limitations. Though ostensibly about harlequin romance novels, very little of the film is about the books directly. We hear some snippets of text read by various characters and learn a little bit about the demands of the genre (“The man must never have back hair,” we are told), but for the most part the film focuses on five people whose lives are somehow informed by these books—either as writers, readers, or models—and examines how their vision of love and life has been affected (often negatively) by the stories they read and create.
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An awesomely colorful, musical celebration of the desires and realities of the people it portrays


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