27 Feb 2014

Morwell Is 'Like Mordor'

Tom Doig

The coal mine fire at Hazelwood has blanketed the town of Morwell with ash, and locals are strapping on face masks. Tom Doig visited the town this week - and came back coughing up blood 

Gaurav Jagdih. Photo by James Alcock/Greenpeace
21 May 2013

Coal Is Killing India's Poor

Gaurav Jagdish

Big Coal wants you to believe that fossil fuels will lift India's poor out of poverty. Gaurav Jagdish, who recently boarded a coal ship in QLD, knows the poor are usually the last to benefit from coal

7 Feb 2013

Abbot Point's 'Independent' Review

Mike Foley
Investors in Abbot Point, a massive coal port necessary for Queensland's next big coal boom, banded together to prove their environmental credentials. Mike Foley takes a closer look at the developers' environmental consultants