4 Jul 2013

Carpetbaggers in Burma

Stuart Rees

Burma's reputation is on the up and the country is keen to do business. There are profits to be made by the elites – but for ordinary Burmese people, little has changed, writes Stuart Rees

20 Jun 2012

A Lasting Democracy In Burma

Myint Cho
Aung San Suu Kyi says the rule of law must prevail in Burma. Dr Myint Cho is one of many activists concerned that ethnic violence on the country's border will be used to destabilise democratic reform
8 Jun 2012

Carr Must Be Cautious On Burma

Myint Cho
Bob Carr's trip to Burma has shown promising signs but now is not the time to throw open the gates to foreign investment. Closer ties with Burma must benefit the people, not the regime, writes Myint Cho
15 Feb 2011

What Can The Lady Do?

Kyaw Kyaw
Three months after her release, the role Aung San Suu Kyi and her party can play in improving the lot of Burmese people is still unclear, reports Kyaw Kyaw from Rangoon