‘Come Take It From Me’: The Gun Totin’ Republican That Makes Donald Trump Look Sane



The only thing more American than his name is his American Republican view of the world… toxic, dangerous, and genuinely alarming.

Introducing Ken Buck, a United States Congressman from Colorado who has spent the weekend rolling around in glee and smearing himself with his own faeces. That’s a metaphor obviously for what Buck really did, which was post a video to his Twitter account which needs to be seen to be believed.

Buck’s upset at Democrats Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke, both of whom support restrictions on assault rifles such as the AR-15, which is the preferred weapon of choice for most mass killers (an AR-15 was used in the Sandy Hook primary school massacre; the Aurora Theatre; the Orlando Pulse nightclub; and Parkland High, when the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, a registered member of the Republican Party, posed in a Make America Great Again hat before leaving it on the head of his dead mother in her casket as payback for her liberal, anti-gun views).

At last count, Buck had received nearly 120,000 likes on his post – three times more than the number of followers he has – and 36,000 retweets. In other words, mission accomplished.

Buck is unlikely to ever be a contender for US president – his first run at politics in 2010 saw Him earnt the Republican nomination after suggesting voters should pick him over his female colleague because he “doesn’t wear high heels”. But he was defeated in election by a Decmorat.

He had another crack in 2014 and won office, and has gone on to support all the things you’d expect from a misogynistic, gun-toting, homophobic Tea Party Republican.

This is what Buck said in 2010 about being gay: “I think birth has an influence over it, like alcoholism … but I think that basically you have a choice.”

Buck is opposed to same-sex marriage, and believes so strongly in the sanctity of marriage that he’s given it two goes, both of them ending in divorce.

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