23 Oct 2013

We Live In Terror, Mr Abbott

By Selpius Bobii

Tony Abbott has never experienced the brutal oppression that West Papuans are forced to live under - and his misguided comments will endanger lives, writes imprisoned Papuan leader Selpius Bobii

“People seeking to grandstand against Indonesia, please, don't look to do it in Australia, you are not welcome ... The situation in West Papua is getting better, not worse.” These are the words of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on 7 October.

Tony Abbott is wrong, and his words are extremely hurtful to the people of Papua. The situation for the Indigenous population of Papua is getting progressively worse, not better. Even Lukas Enembe, the governor of Papua, has stated that the province is experiencing a decline in key areas such as health, education and the economy.

Enembe also acknoweldges the well known fact that Papuans are an increasing minority in their own land.

Space for even some minimal semblance of democracy in Papua has been absolutely closed and the state of Indonesia continues to commit atrocities against the Indigenous people. For instance, Alpius Mote, aged 17 years, was shot dead by the Indonesian Special Police Unit BRIMOB on 23 September in Waghete, West Papua, after a number of locals voiced their objections to the arbitrary arrest and targeting of males with long beards and hair.

Then there’s the brutal military operations that have been continuing relentlessly for months in Puncak Jaya and also in Paniai to pursue those suspected of being part of the TPN/OPM. These operations have only led to the deaths of innocent civilians, such as 12-year-old Arlince Tabuni, who was shot dead on 1 July in the village of Popumo, Lani Jaya.

Lately there has also been an escalation in the level of intimidation and terrorisation of Indigenous people, and even more so of Papuan activists.

The bodies of seven more civilians were recently found — including a four-year-old and 11-year-old child — after their vehicle left Sarmi for the city of Sentani near Jayapura but never arrived. All seven bodies were found in their upturned vehicle. It is believed they had been abducted and it was reported that they were killed by what has become a common term now in Papua, "unknown assailants".

In order to hide the tyranny in Papua, the Republic of Indonesia has denied access to both international journalists and international human rights workers. Ever since Indonesia annexed Papua on 1 May 1963, it has been isolated and closed to these international groups. Indigenous Papuans, forced to live in this state of terror, are also isolated from the reach of the outside world. The violence and upheaval in their lives makes life in Indonesia for Papuans a living hell.

The Australian Prime Minister has never experienced the brutal oppression that Indigenous Papuans are forced to live under; nor has he seen first hand the real-life conditions that Indigenous Papuans suffer.

There have been constant reports of brutality and severe oppression for 50 years from Papua — would it not be right for Australia, the current Chair of the United Nations Security Council, together with its other members, to organise for a UN Special Representative to carry out an investigation into the alleged human rights violations and the political status of West Papua?

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu formally requested a UN investigation as part of his historic speech at the recent 68th session of the annual debate of the UN General Assembly in New York on 28 September.

The people of Papua can only assume that Tony Abbott’s words, “The situation in West Papua is getting better, not worse”, are the result of the influence of propaganda and provocation by the Indonesian government during his visit to Jakarta on 30 September and to Bali for attend the APEC summit in early October.

Of late, Indonesia has lifted its level of propaganda towards the international community and in particular key leaders around the world — of which the Australian Prime Minister is one — in their efforts to undermine any possibility of sympathy towards the problems of Papua. To achieve that end Indonesia has employed no small amount of resources and staff.

Of course Papuans totally appreciate the importance of the relationship between the governments of Australia and Indonesia. Furthermore, Papuans truly understand that Tony Abbott's attitude towards Papua must be one of caution, in order to protect bilateral relations.

However, as a member of the UN, and chair of the Security Council, Australia has both a legal and moral obligation to uphold and respect human rights around the world and particularly in those regions of serious concern, such as Papua. Australia cannot avoid its responsibilities to protect and respect the dignity of humanity where freedoms and the very right to life are threatened. Indigenous Papuans are heading towards the annihilation of their race due to a slow genocide.

The Australian government has been on the frontline recently in regards to the matter of Papua. On 24 September, seven Indigenous Papuans who landed as refugees at Boigu Island in the Torres Strait (including one woman who was pregnant and a 10 year-old-child) were transferred to Horn Island. After being interviewed by authorities they were given no choice of staying in Australia and were forced to choose between being sent back to Indonesia or going to PNG. They very swiftly deported to PNG.

Then, on 5 October, three young Papuan men scaled the wall of the Australian Consulate in Bali and entered the compound so as to seek Australia’s help. They then also sought refuge for themselves, despite the risk they would face from Indonesia if they were denied. In the early hours of that same morning before 7am, the three had already been told to leave the compound with the threat that the police would be called.

In being forced to leave the compound after pleading for help for Papua, of course they were terrified for their safety! Their actions could have led to torture or to a "disappearance" at the hands of the Indonesian armed forces. The Australian Senator Richard Di Natale immediately called on the Australian Government to request they be given protection but received no response. The nation of Papua finds the actions of the Australian Consulate in Bali absolutely unacceptable.

Abbott subsequently stated that the Australian government will suppress any activism in Australia that opposes Indonesia in support of West Papua. He was immediately criticised by Vanuatu’s first and former prime minister, Ati George Sokomanu, who demanded he explain his statement to the leaders of the Pacific. Sokomanu stressed that while immigration issues could be dealt with by the courts, Australia must be prepared to discuss questions of human rights.

The Australian and international communities who are concerned about the suffering of Indigenous Papuans are closely following the political direction of Abbott's cabinet.

Will Australia continue to permit Indonesia's armed forces to commit heinous acts against the Indigenous people of Papua?

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Posted Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 22:19

Who do the pacific islanders think they are to lecture us  about human rights? given our aid ensures these countries function maybe they should support our foreign policy rather then criticise it,

As for West Papua we don't need another failed state on our door steps. The West Papuans would just revert to traditional tribal warfare if given independence from Indonesia, just as PNG is dysfunctional despite all the  Australian and New Zealand aid money spent there. These countries can't manage themselves, Abbott is right to support West Papua remaining part of Indonesia. At least the Indonesians will economically develop the province and use the resources there for the benefit of all Indonesians rather then waste them.

Paul Souisa
Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 05:13

@ aaron, your economic income by your government work's in international relation with Indonesia illegal is coming through the illegal Jakarta government of Indonesia Terrorist, it is why included on your responsibility to keep such as terrorist state like Indonesia to rule the West Papuan and Maluku from time to time, while the normal people like you down there have no clue for so ever about what actually happening next to your door, for example the Indonesian government illegal is a theft, so who ever have the friendship with the terrorist government like Indonesia are theft too. That's the truth.

It is why as record, you all need to know the truth


Politics of Government Islamic Java / Indonesia always use "political embrace" the "international business", their purpose about it is to remain "dominate political power" on "Maluku, and West Papua nation", which is separated from the Indonesian region illegal, and while the influence of the Jakarta to make the western world to be blind to the state of turbulence in the harassment of "Human Rights", which is going on nasty colonization in Jakarta against the nation and the state of Maluku, and also in west Papua.

Australian people must see the truth experiences by the East Timorese, this is for American, British, etc as well, to protect the truth of democratic, and the true of human rights

Need for awareness for the Australian Government to do the right thing in the political-diplomatic and business, and not for the Australian government goaded, with persuasion from Indonesian Islamic government in the crimes.

We asked for the Australian government start to act seriously in regarding of true human rights for the Maluku state, and West Papuan, as we are just the closer neighbor not even far from each others. Your busy time with the Indonesian government in Jakarta will just to bring more blood shed and ethnic cleansing even worse to our people as nation and state from time to time to come.

What is the role of Australia not to ignore the declaration has been approved decisions that have been made in London on June 12, 1941, where the Australian delegation when it is portion of some states are present, such as: Canada, New Zealand, and the Union of South Africa, and the exiled governments of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, and General de Gaulle of France, where the meeting was at St James Palace, in London?

What is the meaning of the pride of Australia, where it has been taking steps incorrect, when the Australian Government has been aware of the history and law, which is manifest that Maluku, West Papua, and others is not a government under Indonesian rule, which administration where it is located in Jakarta itself?

While the natural wealth of the Moluccas, or from West Papua, which is not the property of the authority of the Islamic government of Indonesia in Jakarta to conduct cooperation in trade / business and so forth, with Australia.

See more news on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Republic-of-South-Maluku-Moluccas/247814661995010

The birth of the Indonesian State with the base of the center government in Jakarta is illegal, once illegal, and is still illegal in whatever things they (Jakarta government) will do, or things that has been done by the Javanese Islamic governments of Indonesia in their perspectives work for run the country, because it is their colonialism forced that conducted to abuse the true human rights, and true democracy.

The truth of the birth of the Indonesian State with the center government base in Jakarta, and to rules all the different nation in their homeland island, as known as a former Dutch colony, such as Maluku, West Papua, Borneo, Celebes, Aceh, etc., it is the result of the Javanese soldier who called themselves as Indonesia, which they use the word: "united" to all Indonesian from "Sabang to Maraoke" as you see on "Bhineka Tunggal Ika (diversity of unity) is just a lie to the new generation, or new civilization in international communities about the fact of life in practical truth of the true history in the Indonesian State of birth's at the first place of matters.

In the story book of Indonesian independence struggling then, Indonesian Government had written and put:

a). The manual or directive of Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

b. The 1945 of basic Cinstituation

C). PANCASILA as instrument of propaganda, and as a mask for them

According to Javanese ancient language or they called it "Sanskrit" language

The meaning of Bhineka is various things or be different of things

The meaning of Tunggal is the one

The meaning of Ika is the union society

The meaning of Bhineka Tunggal Ika are the various of Kingdoms such:

The Mojopahit Kingdom

The Mataram Kingdom

The Singosari Kingdom

The Barawijaya Kingdom

In the central Java, and the East Java and another Kingdoms which found in the West Java, namely:

The Galuh Kingdom

The Pajajaran Kingdom

The Tarumanegara Kingdom

The Banten Kingdom

The Punawarman Kingdom

and the Pasundan Kingdom, with its harbor, namely: Sunda Kelapa

So, "Unity in Diversity" it is true for the history of all the different kingdom in Java itself, and not from Sabang to Maraoke, like up in Maluku and West Papua in the East. Because this is an oil mixing with the water that can never be united. Unity in Diversity is simply a fraud and a cover for their crimes in the colonization, and as a result of the nature and attitude of greed and theft of another man's treasure.

People of Indonesia Blind with the History http://souisapaul81.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/httpswww.html , and the fact that, Jepan help the Independence of the delegation of the Javanese under the Ir Soekarno as the first President of Indonesia after collected the Independence by the dirty work in relation among the westerners leaders at that time in such as act conducted to let the birth of Indonesia in one governments rules only based in Jakarta, even though illegally fact occured.

Dutch governments help the illegal Indonesian government to become sovereignty over legal State of Maluku that apart from the Federal State of Indonesia by helping hands in given the heavy gun to the Javanese/Indonesian armies as the Indonesian armies did intervention to Maluku in 1950. http://souisapaul81.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/dutch-government-should-be-witness-to.html

America remain silent to Maluku, West Papua, etc., after the influence by the Ir Soekarno in dirty business that made Presiden J F Kennedy fallen to Indonesian government terrorist cunning, and it is continue to this day in modern politics.

UN remain silent about Maluku, etc., when it is known by the UN that the Indonesian State as the center governments in Jakarta, and to rules all the Federal State, which every Federal State have their own perspectives independent country, in their own island, as Maluku, West Papua, etc., known as a former Dutch colony are illegally occupation by the Javanese government in Jakarta. http://souisapaul81.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/un-should-be-implementing-policies.html

Every nation such as Maluku as independent country, West Papua etc., do have their own choice, and to decide to be self-determination according to their own nation wills, and the destiny of any nations are not according to what others wants, or from systematic adapted, and specially to rules by using their system politic believes, or even to over rights the other nation rights to what other nation wills such as on this case example to the illegal Indonesian government terrorist.

Once again, the bigger history from before to this day, only one history haven't been ending problems on this international problems, it is Maluku as international problems for decades, that the independence country rich of resources that made a lot of nation coming in, and out Maluku in any perspective way they do through their leaders work, and now is still under the authority of illegal government such as Indonesia in Jakarta as hand bridge to robbing the Maluku State resources without make a good ways for the interdependence living among the nations in prosperity.

So any of the leaders of the country concerned, who are support the legitimate Jakarta government, as Indonesia State, which to rule all the nation in the former Dutch colony, while the fact of the true history of the Indonesia State as a governments center in Jakarta is illegal, and being ignored, then it is status to them all who are participation with the Jakarta government in their relation is theft politician's, and they all have the same level as scumbag if you see in criminology of the fact of life.

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 14:01


Your comments are a disgrace and belong to the colonial era that your imperial superiority mindset clearly shows you are stuck in. 

It is not okay for Australia and other western nations to rip out the minerals, timber and fish stocks from West Papau, using the Indonesian military as our proxy enforcers.

As for failed nations and the 'money we spend there' in PNG, it is a pittance compared to the wealth we extract.

Papua New Guinea should always have remained as a whole-island nation controlling its own resources for the benefit of its own people.

The forced colonisation and genocide by the Indonesian government leaves blood on all our hands.

Shame on you for your total lack of respect and perspective.

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 15:10


There are so many wrongs in what you write, it's quite laughable.  

1. 'At least the Indonesians will economically develop the province and use the resources there for the benefit of all Indonesians rather then waste them'

I'm not sure which West Papua you've been to recently, but development isn't high on the agenda with regards to giving back to the locals.  Any benefits of these 'resources' goes straight back to Jakarta, they are not spent within the region of West Papua.

2. 'Use the resources there for the benefit of all Indonesians' -

i) West Papuan's don't see themselves as Indonesian, they're West Papuan, so effectively, this is theft. 

ii) When the Dutch handed over the region to Indonesia, it wasn't actually theirs to give, so as Paul Souisa stated, giving aid to Indonesia (as a terrorist and an illegal, military led occupant of lands) is questionable at the very least, illegal at the very most.  

iii) Effectively, what you're saying is its ok to kill West Papuan's and illegally occupy their land and steal their resources, so long as the rest of Indonesia benefit, thus growing the country as a whole (despite West Papua being, in a legal sense, West Papua, and not part of Indonesia)?  

Presumably, your stance is so Indonesia can keep on developing its economy and Australia can keep selling cows to them and holidaying in their lands?  I mean, it must be for this reason, because surely someone in their right minds wouldn't sanction terrorism for any other reason? 

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 15:41

Aaron sounds very much like a LNP supporter. Need I say any more.

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 19:15

Abbott goes from kicking at SE Asian nations to get bogan votes in Australia when in opposition, to embarrassing  ('act of contrition' for the Malaysian asylum whipping idiocy) and tragic (eg West Papua) sucking up when in government.

That's a big flip and both bad.

Aaron has the Liberal Troll Problem (tm). Having to defend anything Tony Abbott or Liberal says at any cost and bugger the consequences, even if it means oppression for neighbours. It is hard to believe, but humans have an endless capacity for delusion.

Still, Greg Hunt says he learns about his portfolio from Wikipedia - perhaps those with non-terminal LTP should look up the concept of unintended consequences there.

Posted Friday, October 25, 2013 - 20:29

Aaron, you really should be ashamed of your comments. Go away and read the article again then tell me you still believe what you posted. What is happening in WP is nothing short of genocide.